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What Can A General Contractor Do?

Carpenter measuring out wood for remodeling

The Various Ways General Contractors Can Help

If you have a project you are looking into for your home, you might wonder if you need a general contractor for the job. There are a number of things that a general contractor might help you with. If you are unsure, give O&R Building a call and ask any questions you have about your project. Otherwise, take a look at some of the items a general contractor is normally involved in to see if you may need help in those areas.


You might think that a general contractor just gets in when the building and remodeling begins, but they can actually help from the very first step, all the way to the last portion of the project. If you know what you want when it comes to design, that’s wonderful. But if you need help, a general contractor has a lot of experience with a number of different types of projects. They might be able to steer you in the right direction when it comes to design—or at least offer you suggestions to create your perfect space.

Remodeling And Renovation

Whether you want to rip out your whole kitchen or just update a small half bathroom, a general contractor can help you with the process. Remodeling and renovation can be a long, messy project, but if you have the right general contractor on the job, it takes a lot of the burden from your shoulders and can help move things along more efficiently.


As you look at your home, it’s hard to forget landscaping when it comes to curb appeal. The right landscaping can give your house a finished look that raises its value and overall aesthetic appeal. If you want landscaping help, you can contact a general contractor and see what they have to offer for ideas and plans.


If you want an outdoor living space that includes a stone patio, a brick path, or other flooring elements, hardscaping is another aspect that a general contractor can design, plan out, and install for you.

Solar Panels

You might want to raise the energy efficiency of your home by depending more on the power of the sun than the local electric company. Having solar panels installed by a general contractor can give your house that power.

The Right General Contractor

Not every general contractor will do just any job, but O&R Building will work on any of the above projects and more. When it comes to home improvement, we appreciate your business for large and small jobs. We’ll treat a small bathroom with as much attention and respect as a full home renovation. We take pride in doing the job right the first time around so you get what you deserve from the quality products we provide. Want solar panels? Give us a call. Need help with remodeling? We’re here for you. Have no idea where to start on renovations? We’ll help find the right direction. With O&R Building on your side, finding a general contractor and accomplishing your dream project is easy.