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5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Landscaping

Lovely looking landscaping with nice grass and flowers

Spruce Up Your Landscaping For Summer

Spring cleaning doesn’t always mean inside your home. Spring is the start of landscaping season, especially in regions with extreme seasonal changes. With everything going green, flowers starting to bloom, and nature coming to life—it’s time to get your landscaping in tip top shape. From pest control to sprucing your yard up, you can spring clean your landscaping too.

Simple Spring Landscaping Cleanup

Start by cleaning up your existing landscaping. A little yard work can go a long way when it comes to spring cleaning. Roll up your sleeves and grab a rake, trash or lawn bags, and a pair of scissors. You can easily remove dead leaves, pine cones and grass. Place in a lawn bag along with any litter that might have found its way to your yard. Dead perennials should be cut down and tossed out as well.

Do Some Preventive Work For Your Landscaping

When it comes to keeping that fresh spring landscaping look all summer long, have no fear. With a little prevention and maintenance, your lawn will stay looking great. To keep your neighbor’s dog off the lawn, check out dog repellants—great for keeping animal feces at bay. Garden pests and crabgrass can also pop up during this time of year. Early spring is the time to use crabgrass herbicides. When fencing isn’t an option, check out deer repelling plants and rabbit-proof flowers.

Prune Some Shrubs

This is the perfect time of year to give your landscaping a little refresh by pruning shrubs. Shrubs, for various reasons, can become damaged. Dead wood and limbs, as well as winterkill, should be pruned from shrubs. Flowering shrubs should not be pruned until after they are done blooming. Evergreen shrubs are easy to prune in early spring, because you can eye where to cut the dead limbs and winterkill. Use pruning shears for precision, because larger shears can cut into the live wood and kill the shrub.

Prime Your Perennial Flower Beds

Next, prime your flower beds for your favorite perennials. Remove weeds and dead growth before you put new fertilizer down. If you had luck with last years’ flowers, you can simply add in some new fertilizer. If your flower bed wasn’t as productive, you should start you flower landscaping with new fertilizer and mulch. Be sure to till the land and break it up first. Spring is also a great time of year to use compost on your grass, as well as trees and shrubs for a little natural pick-me-up.

Plant Some Pretty Flowers

Now, it’s time for the best part—flowers. Spring is a great time to plant hardy perennials, shrubs, and trees. You’ll want to talk to a professional when it comes to planting grass, since it may be better to overseed in the fall. O&R Building can help you with your landscaping needs when it comes to the right time to plant, as well as any other landscaping questions you might have. Feel free to consult with the professionals at any point in your outdoor spring cleaning adventures.