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Home Renovation


Are you unsatisfied with the look or feel of your home? Does your home not function properly for your family? If you’re looking for a well-constructed, thorough home renovation, our team at O&R Building is here to help! With years of experience and hundreds of renovations successfully completed, we have the experience, knowledge and skill set to help transform your current home into your dream home!

Whether you’re looking to rebuild your kitchen, add a second story or take down room dividers, O&R Builder is here to help! We have the experience to take on a variety of projects—big or small. No matter the project, we will help guide you through your ideas and develop a plan that satisfies both your design aesthetics and keeps the building structurally safe. Our team will apply our knowledge of construction and interior design to help execute your design plan as quickly and efficiently as possible. At O&R Building, our greatest assets are our high levels of craftsmanship and dedication, which we consistently bring to our projects leaving our clients with a beautiful end result.

In addition to our knowledge of craftsmanship and construction, at O&R Building we constantly stay on top of trends within the industry, making sure we deliver our clients the latest and greatest. Whether it be the newest raw material, design ideas or most profitable renovation advice, we differentiate ourselves by staying current and knowledgeable on the marketplace’s trends.

Are you unsatisfied with your home’s layout, use of space or design aesthetic? If so, it’s time to start a new home renovation project and renovate your home to match your tastes! Get your project started by contacting O&R Building today!