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Garage Remodeling

New two-storied brown cottage with built-in garage. Green grass and trees near house.At O&R Building, we pride ourselves in creating the ideal remodel plan for your home, whether you are selling, moving in or looking to increase functionality. With all the remodeling options available, you may be asking yourself—Is it worth it to remodel my garage? When it comes to increasing the property value of your home, the answer is yes! Something as simple as replacing your garage door can increase your home’s value by as much as 4 percent. That may seem like a small increase, but those little improvements add up! Our team is happy to work with your budget and make the process as easy as possible. On top of that, our certified contractors are familiar with local building codes, permits, and industry standards that will assure your renovation runs smoothly and safely the entire time.

Wooden garage doors on an upscale California homeA garage remodel can definitely enhance the functionality of your home. With added storage, space and any other new additions, you will be happy with your decision. Concerned about stains or spills? Let us install new flooring to make your garage look spick and span. Are you worried about increasing energy bills? Let us install more energy-efficient insulation to save you money! We can even add windows to your garage to give your space more ventilation and light.

Meet with one of our experienced contractors to set-up a detailed design plan and timeline with you. We are excited to help you construct the ultimate garage!