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Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid


Get Remodeling Right By Avoiding Pitfalls

When you think about remodeling your home, you know you aren’t alone. People remodel things every day and that’s beneficial for you! Because all you have to do is turn on the TV and you’ll find a show that revolves around some type of home remodeling project. Since a lot of people are working on similar projects, you have their experiences to fall back on. If you’ve done any remodeling before, you know that things don’t always work out the way you hope. But if you can avoid making these mistakes, you’re more likely to stay on the right track.

Mistake 1: Buying Cheap Materials

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is buying cheap materials before you begin the remodeling process. When it comes to your home, you get what you pay for. If you’re going to remodel, go for it and really do it. If you can’t afford quality now, wait until you can or you’ll regret it later.

Mistake 2: Inaccurate Measurements

You might think that rounding up or down is okay when it comes to remodeling, but even a small measurement difference can make a huge impact on the project. If you’re not absolutely positive on the measurement, whether it’s how to measure or you’re getting a different measurement every time, ask a contractor to visit your home to help with the process.

Mistake 3: Skipping The Prep Work

When remodeling, you need to do things the right way or they just won’t turn out as you’d hoped. If you’ve ever painted a wall that needed to be primed first, but you skipped that step to save time and money, you know what it’s like. Prep work can be tedious and nobody really likes it, but it saves time (and the project!) down the road.

Mistake 4: Gutting The Room Before The Plans Are Set

Once you decide to remodel, it can be tempting to start tearing things out. But it’s better to wait until you have everything settled. You might reuse some items or you might need to avoid certain things in order to allow the remodeling process to move on as planned. If you don’t have a plan, don’t start tearing things apart.

Mistake 5: Going With Trends

People often want to go with what they think is hot right now, but you need to remember that the trend today may not be cool tomorrow. Trends are short-term and if you want your remodeling to withstand the test of time, you need to pick things that are classic and timeless.

Mistake 6: Not Calling O&R Building Before Your Remodeling Project

If you really want to get the remodeling job done right, it’s best to contact professionals to help with the project from start to finish. We have spent decades remodeling various parts of homes in Southern California and we are excited to help you with your project as well. Let’s avoid these mistakes and many more by working together!