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Solar Panel Installation

solar-installationThe sun splashes more clean energy on the planet every day than humans use in one year. In the past, solar energy was held back by high costs, but the financial barriers have recently fallen. O&R Building can design and install a system that allows you to utilize the sun’s free energy.

Electricity costs increase every year while the sun remains free and plentiful. Allow us to help you take advantage of California’s sunshine by installing solar panels onto your home. We will be happy to walk you through all your options in order to give you the best solution. In addition, we can provide financing and rebate submission.

Projects and design features we often work on include:

  • Custom solar energy systems
  • Solar panel system installation
  • Colored solar panels to blend into your roof

We work with friendly salespeople who know every detail about solar energy, can answer any question, and will work on financing with you. Solar energy can save enormous amounts of money in energy expenses— contact us today to discuss a custom solar energy system for your home!