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Landscaping Ideas To Complete Your Home

Finish The Landscaping In Style When you add a few elements to the exterior of your home, it can make a huge difference in the curb appeal. The house finally feels finished with those little touches. A barren backyard can turn into a dream living space. The front of the home can go from boring to cozy and welcoming. All you need to do is find the right landscaping elements …Read More

Surviving Home Renovation

Tips For Getting Through Home Renovation As your home ages, you start to see things that need to be updated. If you have no desire or inclination to move, it’s time to think about renovation. It can be exciting to make plans, but once you start to see things come together, it often gets overwhelming. These tips can help you figure out what you need to do upfront in order …Read More

Add Value Through Home Remodeling

Adding Value To A House With Home Remodeling Anytime you take on a home remodeling project, you are looking to do a number of things. First, you might want to change the functions of the room. Second, you might want to change the aesthetics. And third, you want to add value to the home. Taking on a home remodeling project can do a number of things to your house. It …Read More

Tips For Great Home Design

The Demands Of Good Home Design A good home design needs to accomplish many things. It needs to be functional and usable. It should reflect the preferences and personality of the homeowner. Above all else, it should create a feeling of cohesiveness in the space. Good home design can make a difference between an average and outstanding room. Whether it’s new construction or remodeling, you can redefine the space by …Read More

What Can A General Contractor Do?

The Various Ways General Contractors Can Help If you have a project you are looking into for your home, you might wonder if you need a general contractor for the job. There are a number of things that a general contractor might help you with. If you are unsure, give O&R Building a call and ask any questions you have about your project. Otherwise, take a look at some of …Read More

Why Would You Want to Install Solar Panels?

Why Solar Panels Now? If you want to make positive changes to your house, you have a lot of renovation projects you could consider. Sure, you could redo the kitchen or update the bathroom, but if you only have so much in the budget, you might want to go for something that will make a huge change in the way your home operates. There are many reasons why solar panels …Read More

5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Landscaping

Spruce Up Your Landscaping For Summer Spring cleaning doesn’t always mean inside your home. Spring is the start of landscaping season, especially in regions with extreme seasonal changes. With everything going green, flowers starting to bloom, and nature coming to life—it’s time to get your landscaping in tip top shape. From pest control to sprucing your yard up, you can spring clean your landscaping too. Simple Spring Landscaping Cleanup Start …Read More

Important Considerations for Home Renovation

Renovation Considerations When you are looking at improving your home, there are many renovation options to consider. Before you dig into one project or another, think of all of the aspects that could go into the project. Set parameters for your project and see which renovation option is the best match for your situation right now. Functional Options When you are looking at renovating one part of your house or …Read More

Remodeling Projects, Ranked by Importance

Remodeling is %15 Your Enjoyment, 85% Home Value Remodeling your home is no joke. Sometimes, the upgrades are so extensive, the home is rendered temporarily unlivable, and the family has to relocate until further notice. Remodeling your home, however, is always a great move for your future. Updated, newer-looking homes will always fetch a higher price when put on the market, and will also help to raise the value of …Read More

New Home Design Essentials

If You Have the Chance to Design Your Home, Don’t Skip on Cool Trends! There is nothing more important than having the home that you want. When you are in the midst of designing your home, you’ll want to pay attention to what people are looking for in a home these days. While it’s never encouraged to simply do what others are doing, paying attention to what is in style …Read More